Any video source, Any room, Any time.

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Not all video solutions are created equal, and as such, BlueVision approaches each and every video system individually. At BlueVision, cookie-cutter solutions are not an option. When we are designing a custom video solution for your Atlanta luxury smart home, we carefully consider budget, source(s), user preferences and desires and create a system that performs exactly as a customer expects it to perform.

By carefully considering each and every available option for your media space, BlueVisions’ experienced professionals will balance the design and size of your available space; meticulously combining the desired functionality with the perfect equipment from our impressive line of home theatre products. From Ultra High Definition TV’s and cutting edge projectors to waterproof displays and hidden technologies, BlueVision has the best option for any situation.

Drawing on over 50 years of combined video distribution experience, BlueVision video professionals can create a robust video system in your home that allows you to connect to any video source (cable and satellite TV, Apple TV, Roku players and more…) from anywhere in the home. Starting a program in one room and want to continue from another room? Do you wish to play the same source on all the screens in your home? Not a problem, BlueVision distributed video systems are robust, user-friendly and rock-solid.

From standard Hi-Definition TV’s and multiple satellite receivers to specialty displays, media lifts and outdoor media options, BlueVision is prepared to turn any space in your home or on your property into the media room of your dreams.


The days of wasting time storing, browsing and selecting a title from shelves of DVD’s and Blu-Ray Discs are over. Enhance your Atlanta whole home video with state-of-the art media players while the audio/video professionals at BlueVision can ensure that your entire movie collection; purchased in stores or purchased on-line, is available on-demand, in any room of your home.

BlueVision Whole House Video - Kaleidescape Strato Player
Kaleidescape Strato Movie Player

The award-winning Kaleidescape Strato is the world’s finest 4K Ultra HD high-dynamic-range movie player. Strato plays movies in true 4K Ultra HD at up to 60 frames per second. Strato supports lossless audio formats: Dolby TrueHD (including losslessly encoded object-based Dolby Atmos), DTS-HD Master Audio, DTS:X, and PCM. The Strato onscreen user interface is also displayed in 4K Ultra HD, at 60 frames per second, resulting in fluid animation and a stunning visual impact.

Strato is equipped with an internal 6, 8, or 10TB hard drive to store up to 180 4K Ultra HD movies, 330 Blu-ray quality movies, or 1500 DVD quality movies. Strato can be used standalone, and can also play movies from a Terra movie server, or from another Strato movie player.

BlueVision Whole House Video - UHD BluRay
Ultra HD BluRay

The new format supports a resolution of 3840 x 2160, as well as high dynamic range (HDR) and higher frame rates (up to 60 frames per second). HDR pictures can be delivered in one of two ways: either using the BDA-developed “BD HDR” section of the new specification, or via compatible HDR formats such as Dolby Vision.

Video will be encoded under the High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC) standard, and use 10-bit colour depth and the Rec. 2020 colour space. As for the discs themselves, the spec allows for discs in three sizes: 50GB with 82 Mbit/s, 66GB with 108 Mbit/s, and 100GB with 128 Mbit/s.


From wall mounted big screens of 80″ or more, to 3D LED’s and everything in between, sifting through today’s High Definition technology can be confusing. Having installed and programmed thousands of HD televisions of every size, BlueVision is uniquely qualified to provide you with the best possible viewing experience for your Atlanta luxury smart home.


Introducing The Frame from Samsung – a revolutionary way to think about your TV. When you’re not watching the brilliant 4K UHD TV with HDR, it turns into a beautiful work of art on your wall. With an array of paintings, prints, photos, and frames to suit every mood and style, The Frame TV goes beyond entertainment and becomes an expression of you.

BlueVision Whole House Video - 4K TV

A 4K, or Ultra-HD TV, has about four times the resolution of an 1080p (HD) TV. The screen resolution is 3840 x 2160, or 2160p vs what most TV sets still have, which is just 1920 x 1080p. This results in a much crisper picture, especially when you start to get into larger screen sizes. The difference isn’t as drastic as the jump from standard definition to high definition sets, but it is definitely noticeable. 4K technology will be increasingly important once more media is released in 4K.

LG Wallpaper TV

So stunning. So simple. Picture-on-Wall design allows the television to lay virtually flat so it seems blend with the wall and disappear, only possible with the uniquely efficient technology of LG OLED TV. Beautiful on or off, it is the purest form a television can take and the ultimate in minimalism. From brilliant brights to deepest darks, LG OLED TV offers the ultimate expression of high dynamic range. Unlike some other 4K televisions, LG OLED TVs support Dolby Vision™, optimizing the picture scene-by-scene, as well as the new backward-compatible HLG HDR standard so viewers get more options for premium content.


Integrated video technology can be an amazing addition to any home. It can provide endless hours of entertainment and comfort for families and friends, and help to create the perfect balance between beauty and technology. Whether you are looking for cable management solutions or elegant ways to conceal equipment and/or television screens, the options are limitless.

BlueVision Hidden Technology - Inca Lifts

Sometimes the decor in a home or room simply does not allow for visible technology. Regardless how thin, beautiful or technologically advanced it may be, TV’s can often be undesirable when they are not being used. TV-Lifts have been designed to solve this exact situation. From hidden lifts that raise screens from cabinets and other furniture, to wall mounted lifts that can adjust the screen to any position, TV lifts can be a homeowner or interior designers dream.

BlueVision Hidden Technology - TV Art

Create an elegantly hidden TV with a custom framed fine art print on a motorized retracting canvas. Wow your houseguests with artwork that’s actually a framed TV! Available in a wide variety of styles and finishes, end-users are sure to find a perfect piece of art for their space. From Abstracts to Still Life, these custom hidden TV solutions are sure to please.

BlueVision Whole House Video - Custom A/V Furniture

Thanks to amazing furniture designers and beautiful craftsmanship, there is no longer a need to sacrifice a rooms decor in the name of organization and storage. With a virtually limitless number of configurations and an extensive range of accessories available, you now create a highly personalized piece of custom furniture.


Media rooms, are much more than just a room that has a TV in it. While it is true that media rooms are commonly outfitted with comfortable seating and a large screen television, the essence of a media room is it’s flexibility in that allows friends and family gather to watch the big game or watch television, while still interacting with each other.

Where a home theater is intended to bring the “commercial movie theater” experience into a home so that viewers can immerse themselves in a film, the media room is a much more practical, laid back space where people can engage with each other in addition to enjoying their media of choice.

The audio and video professionals at BlueVision are uniquely skilled at creating the perfect media space for you and your family. From selecting the correct media sources and components, to getting the perfect seating options in place, BlueVision can help  you create the perfect environment for the casual watching of news and TV viewing to family TV and video game nights.


From new residential projects to commercial automation, BlueVision is ready to help you discover true excellence in automation.