Protect what is most precious in your life seamlessly, regardless your location.

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Your Atlanta luxury smart home is most definitely your castle, and with BlueVision, homeowners can ensure that it is always a well-protected one. Security and surveillance provide an invaluable level of protection for our families and our property while also providing us peace of mind. No one wants to have to think about “why” security systems are necessary, but most will agree that the protection that they can offer is well worth the effort to implement one.

Because of our relationships with some of the biggest brands in the home security industry, BlueVision is uniquely positioned to offer its clientele robust options for home security systems. When it comes to home automation products, we only use products that we trust, and when it comes to home security, our clients can rest assured that that will always be the case.

From HD cameras systems and DVR systems to the latest smart-security software functionalities available in the marketplace, BlueVisions strives to continue to push the envelope with our home security system offerings.

With BlueVision integrated security systems, homeowners have the ability to control and monitor their home from anywhere in the world. From double-checking door locks on the way to the airport to investigating a security alert from half a world away, BlueVision integrated security systems are designed to provide not only maximum protection, but also maximum functionality.

Integrated camera controls with remote viewing options, integrated security and lighting schemes, digital recording and playback and the ability to “call out” to emergency personnel in an emergency are just the beginning. With a fully integrated security system from BlueVision, homeowners will enjoy unparalleled levels of security and control, regardless their location, and perhaps most importantly, total peace of mind.


By implementing in-wall or wireless touch-panels throughout your Atlanta Crestron home automation system, homeowners will gain complete control of their homes security system. With these control panels, arming and disarming your homes security system or “calling out” to emergency personnel in an emergency are as easy as pushing a single button. With a fully integrated security solution from BlueVision, homeowners also enjoy the ability to access their security system from anywhere in the world. With this fully integrated solution, securing your home for the evening, or accessing your system from a mobile device while on the road can bring not only total peace of mind, but flexibility and ease of use as well.


Viewing every area in and around your Atlanta luxury smart home has never been easier. By pairing the right surveillance system with your new home security control system, a homeowner can not only view what is happening in and around their home, but also record it. And with the addition of industry leading “smart-security” software from leaders in the home surveillance market, homeowners can, for the first time, be protected by a system that has the ability to proactively alert them to potential threats.

BlueVision - Home Security Solutions - Avigilon HD Surveillance Camera
4K HD Pro

The Avigilon HD Pro cameras with self-learning analytics deliver superior perimeter protection with exceptional object detection, area coverage and clear image detail. The 4K (8 MP) HD Pro camera provides the coverage area of 27 VGA resolution cameras and keeps bandwidth and storage consumption low through seamless integration with Avigilon Control Center and our patented HDSM™ 2.0 technology.

BlueVision - Home Security Solutions - Avigilon HD Bullet Surveillance Camera
HD Bullet

Available from 1 MP to 4K Ultra HD resolution, the H4 bullet cameras provide maximum coverage for seeing activity in complete darkness. Embedded with self-learning video analytics, the H4 bullet cameras are designed to integrate seamlessly with Avigilon Control Center (ACC) and third party VMS software and provide object detection and classification capabilities.

BlueVision - Home Security Solutions - Avigilon HD Dome Surveillance Camera
HD Dome

Avigilon™ dome cameras provide high image detail in a range of settings such as offices, hallways and building entrances. Embedded with self-learning video analytics and with resolutions from 1 MP to 4K Ultra HD, the H4 dome cameras are designed to integrate with Avigilon Control Center (ACC), and third party VMS software and to install quickly and easily with remote zoom and focus. Our dome cameras are also impact resistant to enhance security in any installation.


Electronic door locks are a way to replace keys or to add additional automation features, like remote locking or unlocking. Until recently, this type of access was used in commercial applications or other high-security settings. Because of the advancements in home automation and the functionalities inherent to an integrated security system, remote door locks are now becoming a very popular addition. These locks can not only be controlled by standard physical methods, but also by remote control! From in-wall touch panels to smartphones while driving in a car, a simple press of a button can ensure total security!

BlueVision - Home Security Solutions - Baldwin Locks

The CLK-BD-8252-AC5 is a motorized single-cylinder deadbolt featuring wireless communications and a pushbutton keypad. Motorized for easy operation, it comes as a complete lockset and is available in different designer finishes. It can be further customized by adding a matching sectional entry handleset kit, CLK-BD-85353-ACLHRH, which is sold separately.

Locking or unlocking the door is easily done by entering a 4-8 digit PIN code onto the deadbolt’s keypad. For privacy and accuracy, the lock system supports up to 30 unique user PINs that can operate the door. The deadbolt can also be locked or unlocked by key from the outside and by a thumb turn from the inside.

BlueVision - Home Security Solutions - Baldwin Locks

Motorized single-cylinder deadbolt featuring wireless communications. Available in different designer finishes, it comes as a complete lockset, with a trim ring for the exterior of the door. Besides remote operation, locking or unlocking the deadbolt is easily done by a keyturn from the outside or a thumbturn from the inside.

Optional handleset kits add a finishing touch to the deadbolt installation. For a stylish front-door solution, the CLK-BD-8252-AC5X can be used with a matching 3/4 Escutcheon kit (sold separately). A sectional entry handleset kit, CLK-BD-85353-ACLHRH, is also available (sold separately).


From new residential projects to commercial automation, BlueVision is ready to help you discover true excellence in automation.