Holiday Gift Idea #12 – Pro-Ject Turntables

Wide variety of options for vinyl lovers
When it comes to specialty audio, it’s always great to have options. As a special holiday bonus gift idea, we have 4 great turntables from Pro-Ject Audio Systems. These deals are pretty amazing, so be sure to inquire early, as color options and supplies will delete quickly. Each of these turntables feature the latest drive technologies and are designed to be aesthetically and sonically amazing.

Contact BlueVision to learn more about these amazing turntables.

Available Turntables:

Debut Carbon Esprit w/2mRed
Color Options Available: Red and Black – $549.00

2Xperience SB with Blue Point #2 – $1499.00

Xtension 10 with  Celebration 
Color Options Available: Olive – $3999.00

Xtension 12 with Palo Santos
Color Options Available: Black and Olive – $5,499.00

Holiday Gift Idea #11 – Crestron Pyng Starter System

Home Automation Starter Package


This starter package from BlueVision is perfect for homeowners who want to equip their home with some automation basics. Built around the Pyng Hub from Crestron, this little automation package comes with 5 Crestron smart dimmers to control lighting, 2 Crestron thermostats to control climate, and a smart lock for home security. Also included in this package is an Amazon Echo Dot, which will allow for voice control over the system. Home automation isn’t just for the “other guy” any longer. If you have ever been interested in home automation, this is the perfect place to start. Contact BlueVision to learn more about this exciting starter automation package.

Package includes:

1 Crestron Pyng Automation Hub
5 Crestron Smart Dimmers
2 Crestron Thermostats
1 Yale Lock
1 Amazon Echo Dot

Total: $2,799.00 (reg. $3,128.99)

(Installation not included)

Holiday Gift Idea #10 – Sony Ultra Short-Throw 4K Projector

Create the Cinema Experience in Your Own Home

Make the most of a small space with this Sony ultra-short-throw home cinema projector. It uses a laser light source for pinpoint accuracy, producing amazing details at native 4K resolutions. Easily adjustable feet ensure you can set this Sony ultra-short-throw home cinema projector up exactly as needed. This projector is capable of projecting an image size of 100in to 120in when placed 6 – 10 inches away from the wall. To say that this is a game changer would be a gross understatement. Contact BlueVision to learn more about this amazing projector.


Holiday Gift Idea #9 – Pro-Ject Debut Carbon Esprit Turntable

Audiophiles Rejoice
It works out that reports on the death of vinyl have been greatly exaggerated. Nothing can emphasize that fact more than the new Pro-Ject Audio Debut Carbon DC Esprit SB turntable. Available in a wide range of colors and equipped with a carbon tube for the tone-arm and vastly improved speed stability, this turntable was meant for those who love and adore vinyl. Contact BlueVision for special holiday pricing on this outstanding turntable.

Special Holiday Price: $549.00

Holiday Gift Idea #8 – McIntosh Audio Package

This exciting audio package features the first integrated hybrid amplifier from McIntosh.The McIntosh MA252 features retro design cues from the legendary McIntosh MC275 Vacuum Tube Amplifier combined with McIntosh design that results in an amplifier that is both visually and sonically stunning. The choice of speaker for this package is equally impressive. The Sonus Faber 2.5 Venere are floor-standing speakers designed to ensure a detailed, dynamic and clear listening experience that will make all of your audio soar. To top of this audio package we added the Pro-Ject 2Xperience SB turntable with Sumiko Blue Point No.2 cartridge. The turntable is available in a wide variety of finishes: Eucalyptus, Palisander, Walnut, Olive, Mahogany and Black. As a special holiday bonus, each McIntosh audio package will come with Transparent interconnects. Contact BlueVision for more information on this amazing audio package.

Total Package: $7,998

Holiday Gift Idea #7 – LG Wallpaper TV

The Best of The Best
LG Wallpaper TV – This amazing OLED TV from LG will absolutely blow your mind. There are some products that truly must be seen to be believed, and this is absolutely one of them. The LG’s impossibly thin wallpaper TV allows the screen to nearly disappear into the wall, while it delivers intense color and perfect black. The unique design of this TV assures that every seat in the TV room will get the same vibrant view. Contact BlueVision to learn more about this incredible TV.

Available Sizes:

77”: $14,999.99
65”: $7,999.99

Holiday Gift Idea #6 – Meridian Audio Package

Great Things Come In Small Packages
Nothing says holiday audio like this special package by BlueVision. This compact package combines the big bold sound that Meridian DSP-3200 loudspeakers are known for with an exceptional Meridian 218 Zone Controller and Roon streaming. This audio package is as powerful as it is compact and it’s versatility is sure to put a smile on your favorite audiophiles face. Contact BlueVision today and receive special pricing on this killer audio package.

Package Includes:

1-Pair Meridian DSP-3200 Loudspeakers
1 Meridian 218 Zone Controller
Roon Streaming
BlueVision Holiday Price: $4500.00

Holiday Gift Idea #5 – The Frame By Samsung

We’ve had the opportunity to get our hands on several of these this year and we spent a lot of time with them at the CEDIA event. The Frame is an exceptional 4K TV that not only delivers incredible video quality, but it also solves the age-old dilemma of how to incorporate a large TV screen in a room where décor is the primary concern. The Frame by Samsung is a low profile mounted TV that displays artwork when not in use. When it’s not displaying your favorite television program or movie, it displays your favorite artwork in an elegant, unobtrusive frame that will make any room pop. Contact BlueVision today for some great options on this amazing TV.

Available Sizes

43″: $1299.99 (custom bezel:$124.99)
55″: $1999.99 (custom bezel:$99.99)
65″: $2799.99 (custom bezel:$79.99)

Holiday Gift Idea #4 – Seura Mirror TV

Elegant, hidden technology.
There is nothing wrong with having a TV in every room, but what if you don’t actually want to “see” a TV in every room in your house? If that sounds good to you, we’d love for you to meet the amazing line of TV mirrors from SÉURA. With these beautifully elegant mirrors, you can seamlessly incorporate video into bathrooms, dressing rooms and spas without having to see the TV until it’s time to view it. Contact BlueVision today and and learn more about this amazing product line.

Available Sizes

24″ X 36″: (For 10″ TV) $2499.99 | 33″ X 36″: (For 10″ TV) $2799.99.
45″ X 36“: (For 10” TV) $2999.99 | 24″ X 36″: (For 19″ TV) $3099.99
33″ X 36“: (For 19” TV) $3299.99. | 45″ X 36″: (For 19″ TV) $3499.99
33″ X 36“: (For 27” TV) $3999.99. | 45″ X 36″:(For 27″ TV) $4199.99

Holiday Gift Idea #3 – Meridian Sooloos.

All Music. All the Time.
Meridian Audio Sooloos is an intuitive visual music management interface that makes it easy to store your CD collection, upload your digital library or stream music using TIDAL, all in pristine, Hi-Res Audio quality. Setup and control one or multiple zones on a range of devices, including MAC, PC, Mobile, tablet and touch surface devices, and access all the features of your system with the touch of a finger. This amazing system from Meridian Audio is a sure fit for the audio lover in your home!

Holiday Gift Idea #2- Roon

The Music Player for music lovers
This excellent audio service from Roon connects all music libraries together and seamlessly integrates with all of your audio gear to deliver a convenient, exciting and engaging audio experience that is perfect for the music lover in your home.

Holiday Gift Idea #1- Sonos Speakers

From wishlist to playlist: Sonos speakers are the perfect speaker for any room of your home. Bedroom, Kitchen, Living Room, Bathroom or Home Office. If you have a room, there’s a Sonos wireless speaker that will sound great in it. With a wide variety of available options, Sonos speakers deliver deep crystal clear sound that will fill any room of your home. Contact BlueVision today to learn more about Sonos speakers and Crestron and Alexa integration.

Available Products

Play 1: $149.99
Play 3: $249.99
Play 5: $499.99
Sonos One with Alexa: $199.99
Playbar: $699.98

McIntosh Audio Package
McIntosh MA252 Preamplifier (new product great look!): $3,500
Sonus Faber Venere 2.5 Walnut: $2,999
Pro-Ject 2Xperience SB with Sumiko Blue Point No.2 cartridge $1,499
Holiday Promotion Free Transparent Interconnects

Total Package: $7,998